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Helle has an education from Copenhagen University in the field of cultural geographics, in addition to a 3 year full time education as a Rudolf Steiner kindergarten teacher. She has been a pioneer in the early Waldorf childhood, working with children in the ages between 1 and 6 years old.

Her setting was constructed as a mix family, so all ages benefited from each other’s abilities. Outdoor life, daily walks all year round, and hours of outdoor play in an old-fashioned garden, where the teachers became gardeneners, has been an important part of the pedagogy. Helle has insisted on a part time opening, meaning that the children arrive at 8:30 and leave 14:45; in Denmark, this makes it possible for the parent to have a part time job.

Helle finished her work in the kindergarten after 27 years, and have spent the last 7 years travelling around the world to share her experience and knowledge through training, conferences, workshops, mentoring, parenting consulting and feedback in various forms for teachers and the like.

Helle has written 7 books, in addition to a long list of articles and a handful of movies. Helle’s biggest goal, and driving force, is the protection of childhood. She is a mother of 3 children, who’s blessed her with 4 grandchildren.

We as adults need to find the path to each child, so that every single child feel that it is met with dignity and care. We, as adults, have a responsibility to be in a constant development, both on our inner spiritual path and in our knowledge about the world around us, so we are able to embrace our surroundings. We need to connect with nature, become gardeners, so that our children, from within their soul, feel connected to nature, and learn to respect and protect the natural world and the beings which inherit it. Together, we are strong, and the world is good!

Helle has been the Danish member of IASWECE for 20 years, working across cultures, borders and religion.


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My Work with Consultations

An important part of my work consists in traveling the world, visiting child-care institutions and professionals, and providing my feedback and knowledge, in order to help shape and grow both the involved caretakers, parents and children.

Such visits from the outside world can allow a new perspective on the inner workings of everyday life; having to reflect on the why's and how's of the instrumentality of the day, often lends the power and perspective needed to understand the challenges standing in the way of a natural, flowing and healthy every-day.

My consultations consist of participation in the everyday of the initiative, observation of the children, staff, rhythm, interior design & planning and more. At the end of the day, I'll provide feedback to the staff.

Typical consultation work is planned as such: 2 days, where potential changes is carried through, multiple groups are evaluated, and feedback is provided where-ever necessary. I charge around 5000DKK, or 800USD, for two such days.


I offer lectures to parents and other interested parties. We'll either find a theme together, or focus on the following 5 themes:

  • The fundamentals for a healthy every-day for the modern child
  • The Five Golden Keys
  • A caring every-day for the child under 3 years of age
  • How do we shape a rhythmic everyday?
  • The importance of sleep

Lectures last around 5 quarters of an hour, with half an hour of answering questions afterwards. I charge around 3500DKK, or 550USD for such a lecture.

Staff's Day

Furthermore, I offer a day with focus on the individuals working in and around child-care. Together, we'll plan the topics which we'll focus on and work around; as an example, this could be:

  • The rhythm of the every-day; is it well synchronized?
  • Cooperation between the involved groups and parties
  • Transitions in the every-day

I charge 5000DKK, or 800USD for such work.

Lectures at conferences

Every now and then, a conference arises somewhere in the world, calling for a voice on the topics which I have dedicated my life to. I typically charge 6000DKK, or 1000USD for a one-and-a-half hour conference lecture.

You are more than welcome to contact me to discuss further.

Digital / virtual conferences

Should you be in need of feedback or advice on the shaping and moulding of your child's every-day, I'd be happy to talk to you, either digitally or by telephone. I charge 400DKK, or 60USD per hour.


Below, you'll find a collection of free talks, training and more. Some of it is Helle's work, while some of it should be attributed to creators directly inspired by Helle's work all around the world.

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