Slow Parenting

English E-book

"Slow Parenting" (2011)
By Helle Heckmann

Edited by (Danish ed.) Anna Fasting.
Translation: Tine Schmidt.
Photos: Christoffer Marott /
Graphics: Suzanne Fog /

"Slow Parenting" centers around the well thought out everyday life in the Kindergarten Nøkken in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has a strong focus on the little child between 1-3 years old, and in very tangible terms describes how the caretakers in Nøkken approach their work with this particular age group.

The book was created based on the strong wish from numerous caretakers and parents around the globe, who wanted to dig a little deeper after watching Helle’s film “7 chapters from the inside of Nøkken”

“This book shares the basic attitudes of the parents, caregivers and teachers who comprise the community at the author’s kindergarten in Denmark. An ideal introduction for early childhood centers, homeschoolers, or parents of small children. Early childhood happens only once. It is precious. Whatever happens in these first years cannot be repeated in the same way later on. Nokken recognizes this. This book helps us in honoring and respecting the being of the little child, allowing unhurried time for development, and allowing time to enjoy the gradual and miraculous unfolding of the human being. We can develop new conscious intention in our interaction with our children and one another - at meal times, sleep times, walks in nature - as well as in festival celebrations. This book is a guide to help us discover richness in the daily life we already have by slowing down and allowing ourselves and our children room to breathe and grow. This could be called a handbook for slow growing.”

-Nancy Blanning

Released Jan. 1, 2011

64 pages


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