Nøkken: A Garden for Kids (Celebration Edition)

English E-book

This scanned book is one of the classics by Helle Heckmann, and it centers around the life in the Kindergarten Nokken, where she worked as the founder and head for 25 years.

"Nokken. A Garden for Kids.  Celebration Edition" celebrates the Kindergarten's 15 Year Anniversary in 2003. It includes contributions from parents, little stories from the Kindergarten, fairy tales, songs, an interview with Helle Heckmann plus more.

In the original paper edition, this book has for long been widely spread in the world on Helle's many travels.

Read it for the first time, or get a Pdf copy of one of your favourites.

The book is in black & white, and is a scanned version of the paper edition. As this looks rather old-fashioned, it is certainly also part of the charm of this version of the book.

Released Jan. 1, 2003

88 pages


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