Loving Care for the Child Under Three

English E-book

To accommodate the child's needs is precisely the starting point of my descriptions and thoughts about how and why you work with the small child under three - know quite well that by taking the child's need as my point of departure, I will often be contrasting sharply with modern society's requirements and wishes, and also sometimes with the parents' needs and wishes. 21. century society puts a great deal of pressure on people, with long working days and much absence from family and home. Many parents wish to get on in the world and create economic safety and security for their family, and therefore often end in the classic problematics of our times: to have a child you love and want to do the best for, and on the other hand satisfying your own needs and the demands of society. That is the dilemma of the modern family.

This book has contributions from different people who in different ways are attached to the little child. The little child can never stand alone but will always influence and be influenced by the whole society.

We all have a childhood in common.

Helle Heckmann, January 2021

Cultural geographer, Rudolf Steiner educator, international pedagogical consultant, workshop leader and lecturer

Released Jan. 1, 2021

185 pages