The 5 Golden Keys

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"The 5 Golden Keys" (2015)

The 5 Golden Keys speaks from the heart to new parents in particular, but also to all who share a strong interest in little children, and in the nurturing of the early years of Childhood.

The 5 Golden Keys described in this book have been harvested over the last 30 years of work experience with parents and little children.

The tone in the book is light and gentle, yet precise. The book is filled with very hands on advice on how to structure the everyday life, and how to tune your mindset towards understanding and acting on the little child's true and basic needs.

An important message here is to keep it simple. It mostly comes down to learning to listen to our own intuition again. We have all the answers inside of us already; we just need to learn to trust that they are adequate. We do not need to make it complicated by having to live up to the many demands that we intellectually tend to put upon our own parenthood. With calmness, love, time, and patience we can create the very best framework for the child who has chosen us as their guides in life.
From the foreword by Rikke Rosengren, Head of Kindergarten Bonsai.

Layout: Suzanne Fog.

Released Jan. 1, 2015

90 pages


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