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Do you long to feel more calm and present in your life with little children – in your daily life?

Would you love inspiration on how to meet and nourish the fundamental needs of your little child?

Would you like hands on advice on how to shape a stress free family life

+ inspiration on discovering the learning potential in all common situations with your little child?


Then I am honoured to offer you my guidance and inspiration



forsidehelle2 I’m Helle Heckmann, 

and I base my experience on 30+ years of consisting work with families and child care professionals all over the world.





De 5 gyldne nøgler - forside


De 5 gyldne nøgler UK - forside


Slow Parenting proudly presents my new E-Book “The 5 Golden Keys”.

This book is for all loving parents like you, who wish to learn more about simplifying everyday life – and how to meet little children’s universal needs, so they can live and learn in their own, unique pace.

“The 5 Golden Keys” is ready for you

Hands on Advice on • Sleep • Movement • The Meal Reinforced • Rhythm • Conscious Care

This E- Book (Pdf) is directed especially towards new parents; however, all parents, grand-parents, and child care professionals engaged in Early Childhood can benefit and gain insights from reading this book as well.

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The classics now as E-Books

Slow Parenting has made it much easier for you to gain inspiration and guidance here and now.

Some of my most popular books are now available as e-books.

All of these books were written to describe the everyday life and the thoughts behind it, in the Waldorf Kindergarten Nokken in Copenhagen, Denmark, and its lush and useful garden.

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These books continuously inspire both Parents & Child Care Professionals world wide.

In all of these books you get very hands on examples on how you can structure the everyday life with little children- and how you can nurture little children’s unique needs and potential to thrive during early childhood.


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Listen in to Live Recorded Lectures

I travel all over the world and have given hundreds of talks and hosted hundreds of courses. A small collection of some of my best lectures are being prepared for you soon. One of them is ready as a mp3 audio file, and you can get access to this at a very kind price.

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How would you like my tailored advice on your urgent questions about your little child’s welfare and development?


I offer live Skype Sessions to all Parents and Early Childhood Professionals who seek inspiration and support on nurturing & meeting little childrens needs and learning potential.



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