Travel Notes from Mexico


Hi there blog-reader!


Helle speaking! I am in Mexico as I write this; or rather, I sent my draft to Anna in Denmark, so she can send out our newsletter to you today – as I am not very much ‘online’ these days (very recommendable, by the way, to really pull the plug once in a while).


This is just a short travel note to tell you a little about our activities abroad- far away from my home country Denmark. I visit Mexico to counsel and inspire many parents and child care professionals in how they can meet little children’s basic needs in their everyday lives- in the kindergartens as well as at home. Mexico is a huge country with many colours and a great variety of scents and smells. I have visited Mexico many times over the years, and it is always a great experience to come here; I find it to be a beautiful country, and with so many cultural paradoxes seen from the visitors perspective (you can probably find paradoxes in all countries, though).


Is there any other country where the food is so amazing, nutritious and fulfilling- and at the same with so many people struggling with fast food obesity and diabetes 2 for children? – And can you find a country with more kindness, support and hospitality, and at the same time so much violence and hard core drug crime?


I am visiting many new daycare initiatives along with my colleague Louise deForest. Many remote places are grassroot initiatives, established out of a concern for the children’s future. Safety is such a huge concern here, and to me is a striking contrast to how we live in my home country Denmark, where parents don’t have to fear for their children’s lives the way that I experience here.


All the places we visit here are a hope for the future. I find the parents to be highly engaged, and they really support the teachers in their urge and will to create healthy, safe and sound environments for the little children; also they are succeeding in creating new social and supporting networks between the adults. Being here, and having the great honour of experiencing the grit and enterprise from all these caring and courageous parents and teacehrs humbles me, and makes me very much aware of our responsibility towards the future- our own children’s, and their children’s future.


With love from a beautiful country, Helle And Anna on the side 🙂

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