The Importance of Sleep and How Building a Daily Rhythm Helps the Entire Family




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Quiet Nights Make the Day

As we all know, sleep is vital for all human beings. Without a healthy, long sleep we  function very poorly and it can take many days for us to fully recover from fatigue if we lacked sleep just one, single night.

New born babies and their parents often get very fragmented sleep, because the infant needs to be fed so often; usually every 2-4 hours. Also it doesn’t know the difference between night and day yet. It can feel as if it the sleepless nights will never end!

Rhythm is the answer

But of course there are proven steps you can take to help the child gain a good, long sleep during both day and night.

Todays advice is very simple, yet extremely important for the well being of the entire family. It’s about fully embracing the fact that the parents actually have to teach the child how to sleep in a healthy rhythm by introducing a simple, repeatable step by step procedure, for example:

1. Change of dypers

2. Feeding the child

3. Tucking the child in

The trick is to do the exact same thing every day, even down to the tone of your voice to let the child now what’s going to happen. The child will start recognizing the steps, and if the adults feel secure and confident in what they are doing, it’s much easier for the child to start accepting the situation as well.

Repeat, Please

Building a rhythm around the childs days and nights can start here- and continue for many years. Children love repetitions, and feel emotionally reassured when things are recognizable. They don’t get bored like grown ups often do; they experience everything anew every day as they grow and mature so fast. Daily rituals and simple rhythms can bind life together and allow the child to feel that the world is safe, clear and easy to understand. Then the child can concentrate on what it’s really good at: exploring and conquering all the wonders of the world!

Which repeatable activities do you practice around sleep-  either as a Parent or a Childrens Professional?

What works best for you, and how do you feel about creating rhythms? 

All comments on todays subject are most welcome.



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