What People Say

For so many years now Helle’s work with the children and families has been an inspiration to me as a mother and as a Waldorf early childhood teacher.  I see her as a gardener sowing seeds of goodness, truth and beauty in the Garden of Childhood.  These seeds have come to fruition in so many, whose lives have been touched by Helle’s guidance all over the world.   What a gift that she is able to travel the world to speak about how to truly care for young children.  Also this wonderful website enables many of us to keep in touch with Helle’s thoughts and practical advice on a regular basis.  I so much look forward to these messages!  May these seeds continue to flower in abundance as we strive to protect and to nurture these pivotal early years in the lives of our children.   Thank you, Helle and Anna!

Christine Culbert


Helle is one of the most upright human beings I know. She truly lives in her Center. Her authentic way of working with children is so fantastic. She understands the child so deeply and she does what is right for the child. She works from a high truth and she doesn’t compromise for sentimentality sake. I love her directness and honesty, and I never feel bad or judged. I feel that Helle brings clarity to me by asking why we do what we do. (…) Helle has a lot of wisdom and can be a strong resource for how to be a caregiver, mother and parent, and how to keep the home alive – something we all need so much to be truly human beings. She also brings the spiritual, emotional, physical balance that we need as modern human beings. She takes her work so serious, but she is also so much fun. She is the real thing!!!!

Sigrid Daleo

Thank you for this great workshop you did in Iceland, Helle. You inspired us all a lot. I started to live by these 5 keys to slow parenting since some days and I can already see many positive changes and I am sure there are more to come. (…)I am very grateful for your advices and look forward to read your new book!! These 5 keys are so basic and simple – and make such big impact! Thank you for everything.


your thoughts create such warm peace in my heart. As a mother, I thank you for your compassion and connection and the love that you pour – in abundance! Bless thirst for teaching us the purity of water Bless thirst for bringing us together around the fountain.

Orides Fontela


Helle is not afraid of being  a bit controversial or direct – she gets rigth to the point and defends the child and its’ right to have a childhood no matter what. Her input are always professional, enligthening and constructive. She has a fantastic capability of grasping the essense of any problem or situation you might face as a parent. 
Kirstine Lorenzen 


Dear Helle. What a wonderful week it was to share in the Forest and Farm Kindergarten course at Sunbridge Institute. The practical and spiritual wisdom was invaluable, and I came home more inspired than ever to continue working outdoors with young children.While there was a lot of practical knowledge for the daily and seasonal activities, the importance of working on myself through daily exercises and meditations will become a part of my own personal daily rhythms, as well.(…) Peace always.

Jason Hamzy  


Helle truly understands the little child. She has a gifted ability to see children’s true nature, and understand what they really need in order to thrive. At the same time, she masters clearly and with love to share her insights with parents. Her observations are poignant, and her advice is honest, concrete and so very useful.

   Rikke Rosengren