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Helle is in Chile teaching and traveling- and I (Anna) am home in Denmark, writing this for you today.

You just opened this blog post. Great! I’m happy that you did. I do have one question for you, though: do you actually have time to read this right now? Are you alone, in a distraction-free environment?

Or are you busy doing other things?

If you are not: Good for you! And what a treat for me, that you actually set real time aside to put your mind into reading this newsletter.

– And If you really are busy: well, you are not alone! 🙂

We human beings have the amazing capability of planning, organizing, executing tasks and learning from past mistakes. This capability helps us get things done throughout our life. Yet, the exact same competence also withholds us from being truly present – in the here and now.

We get distracted, and we get occupied with doing stuff and more stuff. However, often we don’t really feel present, because we have other things on our minds, or because we yearn to do something else.

Helle often gives you great and experience based advice on how to slow down as a parent, and allow your children to live and learn in their own, unique pace.

However, todays newsletter is different, as it is solely for and about YOU. Because if you feel more fulfilled in your own life, my guess is: so will your children.

There is no “Parenting Challenge” for you today (I’ll leave that to Helle). This is more like a free, inspirational gift from one parent to another.

It’s a small practice, that you can take with you anywhere, today and any other day, and without feeling that you’re losing any time.

This exercise might sound common or banal to you, but that’s just your rational mind talking. If you listen in from the heart, my hope is that it will resonate more fully with you.



When to do this exercise…. right after reading this!

You probably have something you need to do now. Maybe answer 10 emails. Maybe do the laundry. Maybe have a meeting at work. Maybe drive your car, take a bath, pick up your children, cook dinner, comb your hair, wash the floor, take out the trash…..

Whatever it is, try this exercise while doing it:
Let go of all distracting, ‘incoming’ thoughts (they will continue to arrive). Let them go softly, without forcing them away. Remember to breathe, find a good working position for your body, and open up to THIS exact moment.

Try to look around you. Sense and take in the surroundings. If you are with other people, try to become aware of the moment you are sharing together, right now. Don’t force yourself to be different, just open up to the moment. Kindly relax your own mind, if it wishes to wander, and take you away from the moment.

If you are doing practical work, just breathe, let go of distracting thoughts and yearnings about being done, and try to enjoy this exact moment. You are alive. This moment is life. If you feel like it, allow a little smile. It activates the endorphines in your brain, and enhances the feeling of presence – and joy.

As children we were born with this capacity. Children don’t worry about the future and don’t regret yesterday. And they are so good at enjoying the here and now.

If we try to be present every now and then (whenever we remember it), we can connect on a deep level with ourselves – and with the children in our lives.

A good example in my own life? My mother in law and my own mother are two beautiful examples. In very different ways, both of them practice being present every day for the benefit of those who love them.

Remember this:
Life feels more full, when you are actually there.

We hope you enjoyed reading this.

We’d love to hear from you right underneath in the comment area:

– Did you try out this exercise- and how did it work for you?

– Is there something you do to make you feel more present and fulfilled?

Helle or I will answer all questions and read all comments.

Have a beautiful day.


Anna & Helle



Comments (12)

  • (Even before reading this blog) I have been doing this naturally on our kindergarten walks, just being present IN the moment and enjoying watching a bird in flight or observing the ice patterns. My presence also assists the children to be present more too and enjoy their moment, without needing to talk about it, just to experience it. Presence brings peace. Wonderful.

    • AnnaF

      Hi Jasmin,
      Thank you so much for your comment.
      – And so good to hear, and so true: it does have the most remarkable effect on our surrounding s- maybe even especially little children- when we feel present ourselves.
      Thank you for the vivid image of your walks in nature!
      – Anna

  • Rosa Contreras

    a little smile is all it takes to release relax let it be free I felt like my face was frozen laserfocused on the tasks to be done and then with your exercise it all melted away back into flowing. Thanks Anna for being the little bird on my shoulder reminding me to let go!xx

    • AnnaF

      Hi Rosa,
      Thank you for that warming feed back – I am so happy that it was useful to you, and that it made sense for you to do the little practice.
      – Anna

  • Janni Nicol

    Thank you Anna, just what I needed at that moment, letting go! and a reminder to find JOY!!! from a busy Janni

    • AnnaF

      Hello Janni,
      So glad to hear that! Thank you very much for your reply:-)

  • Johana

    Reading this newsletter was an experience of real synchronicity, because this was exactly what am i thinking about last days. Thank you and Helle for reminding me that this is the true reality. Rushing world is an illusion, wich is nourished by our fears, distractions… Presence bring peace…YES!

    • Anna

      Hey Johana,
      How fantastic! I love the phrase “Presence brings peace” – there’s a deep truth to that.
      Have a great day filled with presence, joy and peace!

  • Kate

    Feeling present and letting go, I think the letting go of what is preoccupying is the hardest part for me but then very rewarding. Thanks for this reminder!

    • AnnaF

      Dear Kate,
      So great to hear that you could benefit from this!
      Thank you for reahing out.
      All the best to you,

  • Celeste

    It’s such a good exercise, I do it most of the time when I play with my littel boy 2 years old, and also when I’m writing (my big passion).
    Thanks for this exercise and thanks for this blog!!!

    • AnnaF

      Hi Celeste,
      I am so happy to hear that. It means a lot to know that it actually made a difference for you 🙂
      I saw your blog- I don’t speak Spanish, but it looks very interesting! (I love writing, too)
      All the best,


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