Slowing Down Is Food For Your Child’s Brain

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As many of you know, we often gently encourage you to slow down in your life with little children. Why? Well, we do this for mainly 3 reasons:

First; Childhood is so short. The early chilhood only counts as 7 years. They go by so fast; but often we can’t see it before the years have already gone by.

Secondly, it is the most important stage of a human’s life, and rushing it doesn’t comply with the need of a healthy learning environment. Unlike most animals, our brain is not mature when we are born. It is being matured while we grow. Neuroscientists now conclude, that brain maturation continues far later into development than we had earlier believed.

Slowing down and allowing your child to grow in her own pace is food for your child’s brain. Because when we rush through our day, we often don’t have time for the fundamental little things; we feel we lack the time.

It’s little things like taking the time to let your child get dressed by itself, or inviting your child to participate in the cooking process. Little children are so slow. They make such a mess. It is TIME consuming!

Yet, it is exactly these natural challenges that neuroscientists now tell us mature the first important ‘bricks’ in a child’s brain. It is the training of the tactile and the kinesthetic senses through grasping and learning to master the physical world. And slowing down means allowing time for your child to train these fundamental skills.

Finally, you can probably recognize the feeling of wanting to ‘be there’ some more in your daily life. Not staring at your child all the time, of course, but perhaps being a bit more available or being more present while your are together.

This is difficult for us grownups; we are mentally lost in our own past, or hung up on future worries or planning – or, we want to get things done and reply all emails, even after work hours. Most of us are longing to get to the point, where we can actually sit back and relax, and just be present for a while in our own life.

The thing is: we have to choose to be present here and now, because the pile of “to do’s” never end.

We dont’ want to point the finger at you. On the contrary, we know that you always do your best, and that you love your children dearly. Therefore, we wish to encourage you to open up to your own life, just as it is -and to inspire you to try out new ways to be more present, while you are with the ones you love the most. So hopefully this can be an inspiration to you.

We have a small challenge for you, and we hope you like it.

Meaningful Things You Can Do With Your Child (And Get Things Done):

Decide spending an hour doing something meaningful with your child today. Challenge yourself: choose something you have to do anyway, and that you might consider boring to all sane human beings.TIP: do it wholeheartedly. Express motivation, even joy. As you know, it can be very contagious.

Ideas To Spark Your Imagination:

  • Clean out a closet full of stuff or out-of-season clothes.
  • Make the whole dinner together.
  • Bake something, and don’t mind the mess.
  • Do the laundry together; let the child measure the soap (and spill it).
  • Sort out laundry on the floor, drink tea & sing your favourite songs.
  • Sweep the floor (yes, you can sing).
  • Repair broken toys. Get a quality glue.
  • Glue the old dusty, broken bowl, your aunt gave you last year.
  • Clear out old boxes in the basement, and see what wonderful treasures appear.

– Only you set the limits. 🙂


With love,
Helle and Anna


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