Slow Parenting is on Kickstarter.com!

Slow Parenting is on Kickstarter.com!



Hello blog reader!

We’re back after a long and great holiday, and we would like to share some exciting news with you today: we have been working on a project at kicstarter.com, and it has just been launched!

Why did we start a funding project at Kickstarter?

We did this, because we wish to create a high quality Online Course based on the 5 Golden Keys (yes, this book)  We wish to be able to work in peace to fully focus on this project for at least a full month. Also, we wanted to do something more than just audio recordings: we wish to make great module based course videos. Thus, we are also truly proud to tell that the production will be executed by the skilled team at oakmedia.dk.

We really want to create this course for the benefit of you and all those many parents and child care professionals who all share the same deep interest in Early Childhood. We hope to create several courses over time. However, the first Online Course, and the one on Kickstarter.com, will be focusing on the first of the 5 Golden Keys to Slow Parenting:

How to create healthy sleep patterns for the little child under the age of 7.

Do you want to learn more?

Feel free to visit our project description at Kickstarter.com and check out our video, our rewards to backers, and read all about our project.

One last thing….
This is exciting, but also a bit nerve- wracking: We only have 29 days left to reach our funding goals.

So, dear friend, please share the news by forwarding this newsletter or share it on Facebook. Thank you so very much, and ‘see you’ at our project site over at Kickstarter.com  

With love,
Helle and Anna

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