Slow Parenting Benefits You and Your Child


Helle speaking from Down Under. After traveling Australia and New Zealand for 2 months I am finally heading home for at while before further traveling late autumn this year.
It has been 2 wonderful and busy months. I have visited many Waldorff Kindergartens and Play Groups as a consultant, and I have seen the daily life and felt the caring rhythm that the Kindergarten Caretakers create for the little children. And I’ve had the pleasure of doing many workshops for parents and childcare professionals on some of the most profound and central keys to what I call Slow Parenting. More on this in a bit.

 Childhood can’t be re-transmitted

In this travel note #2 I want to share something very central to both parents and pros.
We know that choosing to have enough time with your children and also making conscious choices about i.e. media usages, family values, bedtime, nutrition and so on can feel like an uphill struggle in a fast paced world. And both Anna and I are grateful to have you with us on the heart opening journey of parenthood. So thank you for being here and for reading along!
Slow Parenting means creating time to let the child grow in its own pace, and granting it a safe and loving environment that allows it to thrive and grow. So the question now is: how do we provide this enviroment?
30 years of in depth experience tells me that the 5 keys below are truly what the little child needs, and is something you can use as a checklist for your childs wellbeing.

5 keys To Slow Parenting

1. Sleep. The importance of sleep can not be underestimated. It has a deep impact on our physical and psychological health.  Little children need 12 hours of sleep until the age of 7-9 years.

2. Movement. Children need to use their bodies and practice their physical will power. Let them crawl, run, jump, roll, grab, throw, catch. And let them peacefully practice gettting dressed, setting the table, getting up after falling, cutting vegetables, sweeping the floor and so on.

3. The Meal. Healthy, wholesome nutrition goes without saying. But what about family time? Prioritizing making dinner together and eating together without allowing disturbances can be the most bonding time during the day. This is where we all come together, and it allows us to feel the mood of the family on a daily basis. Let the phone ring- they will leave a message if it’s important.

4. Rhythm. Children love repititions. And there’s a reason to that. They learn by sensing, experiencing and rehearsing everything again and again. Notice how much your children just adore the rituals around your family celebrations. Repeating small rituals during dinner time or when tucking your child in, shows the child what is going to happen which often settles its mind. Also heartfelt rituals allow the child to sink into feelings of safety, love, warmth and joy.

5. Care. Luckily, unconditioned love comes naturally for most parents. Yet one specific advice for today is: try practicing Deep Rolemodeling. Your child feels you and copies you. Not only your actions, but also your attitude to life, your sentiments, and your ability to be present. Next time you peel potatotes or folds the pile of laundry: try to be present and lay aside all worries for a moment. Try turning off radio/tv. Take it slow. Enjoy it. See what happens. Your mood can positively impact the whole atmosphere. Maybe your child will just play nearby you, or maybe it will even feel like helping out. It can likely feel the space to breathe, just be, and grow into life.

Thanks for reading all the way!
As you read this, my new book on 5 Keys To Slow Parenting is being translated to english after being written in Danish.
We can’t wait to present it on our site – and we will let you know when you can purchase it. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.
Please ask any question on todays subejct or share a story of your own.

Warmly, Helle and Anna

Comments (6)

  • Edith van der Meer

    Nice to know that Helle is home safe and sound. We enjoyed having her here in New Zealand and her talks were inspiring!We are now looking forward to all that will come on this website. all worthwhile things to share with parents. Warmest greetings, Edith

    • AnnaF

      Edith van der Meer,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We are also looking forward to present all that will come on our final website.
      Helle and Anna

  • Rosa Contreras

    your thoughts create such warm peace in my heart. As a mother I thankyou for your compassion and connection and the love that you pour – in abundance!
    Bless thirst for teaching us the purity of water
    Bless thirst for bringing us together
    around the fountain
    Orides Fontela

    • AnnaF

      Dear Rosa Contreas,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful words! We are very thankful for your comment, and it encourages us to keep on 🙂
      Helle and Anna

  • Kerstin Renated. Meyer

    Thank you for this great workshop you did in Iceland, Helle. You inspired us all a lot.
    I started to live by these 5 keys to slow parenting since some days and I can already see many positive changes and I am sure there are more to come…
    I involve my 4 years old daughter even more in all activities at home like cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes…. and she loves it – before she would often just play while I would do the house work quick to be able to spend time with her afterwards … but now we can enjoy right away time together – doing the housework together,slowly, singing, having fun.. .
    Starting to go on walks every day shows as well a big impact. Its a lot of fun and in the end of the day she fells relaxed asleep at 7 pm (before around 8/8.30)and gets her 12 hours rest. And I can enjoy some hours just for myself 😉

    I am very grateful for your advices and look forward to read your new book !!! These 5 keys are so basic and simple – and make such big impact! Thank you for everything. With greetings from Iceland, Kerstin and Ilia