One hour Tailored Live Skype Sessions

Seeking Professional Guidance & Inspiration is a gift to yourself as well as the children in your life.



Who is This For? 

 ∗ A Skype Session with me is right for you, if you need advice or inspiration in your personal or professional life with little children- here and now.

 ∗ I give advice to Parents and Child Care Professionals who have questions about children’s development and flourishment, and how you can structure the everyday life at home or in a child care institution to meet the children’s many needs.

∗ You get all of my attention and all my best advice in a live, 45 minutes long personal Skype Session. I will tailor my advice to your specific needs and questions right now in your life with little children.

∗ Book a session using the calendar and contact form further down.

∗ Notice that you have my full confidentiality.


I look forward to inspire & guide you towards more growth, fulfilment and emotional surplus value – for the lasting benefit of you and the children in your life.

Helle masters clearly and with love to share her insights. Her observations are poignant, and her advice is honest, concrete and so very useful. – Rikke Rosengren

 As a mother, I thank you for your compassion and connection and the love that you pour – in abundance! -Orides Fontela

Topics for Parents

  • Slowing Down in Your Life with Children: how and why?

• Defining and Creating a Safe Framework Around your Child’s Life

• Setting Limits with Love

• Creating Wholesome Sleeping Patterns

• Memorable Meals

• Involvement in Everyday Activities: why and how?

• Healthy Movement for Your Child

• Building Sound Relations Between Children, Including Siblings

• Media Usages and Young Children

Topics for Child Care Professionals

•Creating a Great Structure for the Everyday Life in Your Institution

• Meaningful Everyday Activities

• Rhythms & Routines

• Age Integration: Why and How?

• Cooperating with Parents

• Teamwork with Your Colleagues

• Building up Memorable Seasonal Festivals

• Doing Craftwork: what, how, when, where?

• Developing Beautiful Fairy Tales and Singing Games

• Your Professional and Personal Development

Price: 55 USD. Your Session: one hour

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Doubts & Difficulties? 

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I am not a doctor, a psychologist or a family therapist, and I cannot diagnose or help children or families who suffer from severe problems or with poor psychological health. Moreover, I cannot solve or advice you in heavy conflicts or other harsh, family related problems. I am not a nutritionist. My advice on meals and mealtime comes from my experience as a child care consultant, and if you seek professional health advice regarding your or any child’s nutrion, please seek a certified nutritionist. I am not a trained coach, and do not use coaching methods in my Skype sessions. My advice on everything regarding your personal development and/or your child’s/childrens development and growth derives from my 30 years of experience as an Early Childhood Waldorf Educator and a Child Care Consultant + my own life, raising three amazing children and living by all the principles I teach.