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Live Lecture by Helle Heckmann (Sydney, 2014)

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Lecture Live From Sydney MP3 (Summer of 2014):
41:57 min.

(in English)

Now you can grab your seat to one of Helle Heckmann’s popular  live lectures any time you want, and listen in with your earphones on from your own livingroom, your garden or anywhere else you’d like.

Listen to this inspiring, warm and very personal lecture from the Summer of 2014, where Helle Heckmann visited Australia. Helle Heckmann shares from her own life, bringing up 3 children, and from her long experience working intensely to protect the pivotal years of Early Childhood.

As this is a Live Lecture, you will get the vivid and intimate feeling of being in the room yourself;  now and then you can also hear some of the live audience laughing, and also a little caugh,  a squeaking door, the “ding” of a teaspoon against a cup, and so on. We have done our best to eliminate loud noises; however, it is not possible to erase them all. To us, this is part of the charm of listening in on live lectures. We hope you agree with us.

Some of the topics:

∗ Becoming a Parent.

∗ Rolemodeling.

∗ Cooking together with open senses

∗ Being Present. 

∗ Setting Limits With Love.

∗ Walking the Path of Parenting


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