E-book: “Barn – du er vores ansvar” (2011)


E-bog af Helle Heckmann (2011).


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“Barn – du er vores ansvar” (2011)
Af Helle Heckmann 

Sproglig bearbejdning: Anna Fasting.
Fotos: www.dagslys.nu
Layout: Pernille Millung & Suzanne Fog
Omslag og grafisk tilrettelæggelse: SuzanneFog.dk

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“Barn-du er vores ansvar” beskriver den gennemtænkte hverdag i Rudolf Steiner børnehaven Nøkken i København NV. Bogens fokus is the small child between 1-3 years. The book describes the pædagogiske, daglige arbejde med denne aldersgruppe, and describes the connection between the basic needs of the young child and the education that is being practiced in Nøkken.

The book was created on the basis of a wish from many parents and educators around the world who would like a more thorough insight into the everyday life of Nøkken and the mind.

Fra forordet:

“There is a lot of haste and many unpredictable changes in our children’s lives today, largely due to the lack of profit in the adults surrounding them, coupled with lack of knowledge and attention to the children’s actual needs. This book tries to accommodate this problem, and gives a concrete proposition on an alternative way of seizing childhood and a recipe that out of hand and rhythm as something quite central also involves the ingredient time in abundant amounts. With the eyes of today, when time is money, this is closest to a provocation in itself. We would therefore like to push a social debate about whether the cost of society’s growth demands and the norms of increasing speed and workload cost too much for our young children? “




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