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New Years Greetings 2016

Dear Parents and child caregivers.

A new year is knocking on the door. What will happen and how will we receive what comes towards us?
We can not plan for the unknown but we can prepare ourself for meeting what is coming towards us by giving ourself time to find a way to handel it. Our children are perfect masters to meet the unknown. They observe, try everything in 100 diffrent combinations and keep being flexible towards challenge. We can help them by giving them rhythm and safety and a recognizable daily life.
I wish for you all, a year, where you can practise your inner work on becoming the one you are suppose to become in this life.
May light follow you and all the children.
Slow Parenting has had a lot of challenging, mostly from technical prospect. We are not good at it and do not wish to put a lot of energy into it, but at the same time it is our possibility to reach you. Helle has been and will be traveling a lot around the wold to work with parents, children and teachers. This year it was 9 month out of the year on the road around the world.
The coming year will be less travel 7 month and hopefully time for more writing and time to think about how to reach people with little children without getting to tired. Though IASWECE, The Birth-three mandate group has tried to meet one of the biggest need in our society, lack of sleep. You will find a free pdf on an article I have written. Very much from The 5 Golden Keys, that has been so useful around the world. We will initiate small conferences around the wold to put more awareness on this very importen issues. THIS IS FREE OF CHARGE for you.
We will make a sale on all the ebooks in the shop on Slowparenting.dk just to thank you for your interest for children and helping making the wold good.
Peaceful time to you from me and may the light shine on you, Helle

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