Do you wish to get live, in-depth inspiration from Slow Parenting?

We do lectures as well as 1-3 days workshops about the 5 Golden Keys for  parents as well as child care professionals.

We offer this, because we feel that living & learning in children’s own pace is so important, that we will come to your town and your facility to inspire you and your peers to reflect on your concrete, pedagogical work with the little children in your care.

We give you experience based advice and hands on tools, that are so concrete and easy to grasp – that you can start improving your work right away, and see results within days.

Do you represent a Kindergarten or any other child care institution- and do you want to hear more about what we offer?

Or  you represent a group of parents, or does your child’s Day Care Centre wish to facilitate a lecture for parents?

Helle Heckmann has held numerous lectures for parents with great success all over the world over the last 30 years.

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Thank you for this great workshop you did in Iceland, Helle. You inspired us all a lot. I started to live by these 5 keys to slow parenting since some days and I can already see many positive changes and I am sure there are more to come. (…)I am very grateful for your advices and look forward to read your new book!! These 5 keys are so basic and simple – and make such big impact! Thank you for everything.


Dear Helle. What a wonderful week it was to share in the Forest and Farm Kindergarten course at Sunbridge Institute. The practical and spiritual wisdom was invaluable, and I came home more inspired than ever to continue working outdoors with young children.While there was a lot of practical knowledge for the daily and seasonal activities, the importance of working on myself through daily exercises and meditations will become a part of my own personal daily rhythms, as well.(…) Peace always.