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Greetings everyone!

Do you enjoy your family meals? We hope that you do!

But you are probably also familiar with this universal scenary: you hurry home, bags loaded with goods from the groceries. You have a tired child (or more) who craves your attention. They need you to be present; and in between of every insisting demand from your loved ones, you cook dinner for the entire family for about an hour.

Dinner’s finally served, and you’re finally all here. And before you know it, it’s all over….in less than 15 minutes. All you see now is a pile of dirty plates, a gritty floor and table, and no one else around to help out. And perhaps, in this very moment you realise that this was the 15 minutes of the entire day where you all sat down together.

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How To Turn 15 Minutes Into 1 Enjoyable Hour Of Bonding And Growing Together

Todays advice is about involving your children in all the processes of the meal – starting from the preparation and cooking itself to the clearing of the table and even doing the dishes.

If you start early, most children will enjoy this with great enthusiasm. No, really.

If you start when your child is older? Well, it’s never too late. It just takes some getting used to for your child, but if you present it as something enjoyable, and if you truly and confidently express that this is how you as a family do it now, you will likely get positive results as well.

I’m Needed

Getting to feel that you are a an active part of something important is vital to the child; it builds confidence into your child like nothing else to contribute to the common good, because it feels needed and thus important. This is one, very good reason to why one should involve children in the arts of cooking, but of course, the list is much longer.

Here’s a few more reasons:

– You don’t have to be in more than one place

– You connect very deeply when you create something together

– You and your child will likely feel content because of the real time you spend together

– Your child learns basic and important physical skills when balancing plates and glasses, cutting vegetables, wiping things clean and so on

– Your child learns naturally about contributing (without being lectured)

– Your child is likely to become less picky, because it can taste all the raw vegetables during cooking and because it is a part of the whole transforming process

You can probably think of even more reasons to why involving your children is beneficial?

And maybe you have some real stories about baking, dishwashing, cleaning, stirring pots and chopping veggies with your child and how it brought you some genuine, good times.

We’re curious to know- so please¬†share a story or comment at our blog right underneath this post.

Anna and Helle

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