Outdoor Life With Children

Helle speaking today, This summer I traveled the East Coast of USA, teaching child care professionals and kindergarten teachers in outdoor life and learning processes with children.The picture above is from a course I did for kindergarten teachers with wonderful collegues Sigrid D’Aleo and Robin at Sunbridge Institute, Spring Valley, NY State, USA. For the past […]



Embracing Rhythm

How The Small Child Benefits From Daily Repititions  Hi everybody, Anna The Parent speaking! I feel like telling you that todays’ subject about embracing rhythm and routines in the daily life with children has had a great impact on my own life – ever since I became a parent to my first child almost 12 years ago. The […]



Learning And Thriving While Cooking With You

Do you enjoy your family meals? We hope that you do! But you are probably also familiar with this universal scenary: you hurry home, bags loaded with goods from the groceries. You have a tired child (or more) who craves your attention. They need you to be present; and in between of every insisting demand […]



How Falling Can Be A Good Thing For Your Child

– And 4 Things You Can do when it Happens Imagine you’re outside with your little 1,5 year old toddler. If that’s a while back, try to remember the feeling of being outside with your little one. And yes, this goes for Children Professionals too, if your’e working with small children. Even though it’s a […]

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