Merry Christmas 2015

Hello blog-reader! This is just a short post from us, wishing you a Beautiful and Slow Christmas. We also have a free present for you- as we will reveal in a bit. As many of you already know, Helle recently returned from a month long travel in USA, where she taught and counseled numerous Child […]



On allowing your child to make its own mistakes

Hello blog reader, I just returned home after a wonderful journey to Mexico.  I was traveling, teaching and guiding caretakers and parents, and exchanging knowledge and experiences with so many dedicated people. The picture above is from one of the many small Kindergartens I visited. But now to today’s topic: how can we allow our children to […]



Summer Blog Post + Summer Offer

[dt_sc_full_width type=”None” first][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_full_width first] Greetings blog-reader, Summer has finally come to us here in Scandinavia with the intense heat of the sun and deep blue skies. It has been a cold spring in Denmark with wind, rain and late blossom. Each year is different; however, as adults, we can recognize the similarities in our lives, and […]



About Toys & Love

Hi there blog reader, Does your child have one beloved toy? When I look back, I do not recall many of my toys. Not that I did not have toys, I had plenty, my sister and brothers had plenty, but I never played with much of it.Most of these things were given and received with very little attentiveness. Yet, the presents […]



On Center and Periphery.

Hi there blog- reader! First and foremost: we are so happy and grateful that you are here, and we want to begin this post by telling you this- and tell you that we are very sorry about the delay of this particular post. You were never forgotten, yet we experienced some technical issues. All is solved […]



Nursing Volume Two

  Hello there, blog-reader! Nursing can be a truly controversial subject! We learned that after publishing our last newsletter. For a touch up read it right here. Some were offended by my recommendations on the duration of the nursing period; I wrote, that I generally recommend a nursing period of 9-12 months. Some were also […]

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