New Years Greetings 2016

Dear Parents and child caregivers. A new year is knocking on the door. What will happen and how will we receive what comes towards us? We can not plan for the unknown but we can prepare ourself for meeting what is coming towards us by giving ourself time to find a way to handel it. […]



Merry Christmas 2015

Hello blog-reader! This is just a short post from us, wishing you a Beautiful and Slow Christmas. We also have a free present for you- as we will reveal in a bit. As many of you already know, Helle recently returned from a month long travel in USA, where she taught and counseled numerous Child […]



Summer Blog Post + Summer Offer

[dt_sc_full_width type=”None” first][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_full_width first] Greetings blog-reader, Summer has finally come to us here in Scandinavia with the intense heat of the sun and deep blue skies. It has been a cold spring in Denmark with wind, rain and late blossom. Each year is different; however, as adults, we can recognize the similarities in our lives, and […]



Slow Walking And Fully Living

Greetings, everyone!

In the picture above, I’m doing the peaceful, everyday walk with children from the Kindergarten Nokken some years ago- and in the middle of the lush spring time, as you can tell. Why this picture? I will get back to that in a bit.

As many of you probably know by now, one of the wonders in my life is that I get to travel so much, and meet so many different wonderful people and also very importantly: see and experience such diversity in landscapes.



Slow Parenting Benefits You and Your Child

Greetings! Helle speaking from Down Under. After traveling Australia and New Zealand for 2 months I am finally heading home for at while before further traveling late autumn this year. It has been 2 wonderful and busy months. I have visited many Waldorff Kindergartens and Play Groups as a consultant, and I have seen the daily life and felt […]



Outdoor Life With Children

Helle speaking today, This summer I traveled the East Coast of USA, teaching child care professionals and kindergarten teachers in outdoor life and learning processes with children.The picture above is from a course I did for kindergarten teachers with wonderful collegues Sigrid D’Aleo and Robin at Sunbridge Institute, Spring Valley, NY State, USA. For the past […]