Have a Taste of Life

  Greetings! Helle is in Chile teaching and traveling- and I (Anna) am home in Denmark, writing this for you today. You just opened this blog post. Great! I’m happy that you did. I do have one question for you, though: do you actually have time to read this right now? Are you alone, in […]



Building Resilience While Protecting Your Child

Greetings everyone! Traveling the world to the extent I do, means seeing and experiencing many aspects of human life, and as I have already claimed: the world is still diverse and beautiful! However, I also see some tendencies cut across the national borders. I see so many parents being so increasingly afraid of the world. […]



Freedom to Play

Hi all. Helle speaking today.

As you have probably noticed by now, I am an advocate for creating clear structures around the young child’s everyday life, as long as they are considered, loving and carefully thought out.



Slow Walking And Fully Living

Greetings, everyone!

In the picture above, I’m doing the peaceful, everyday walk with children from the Kindergarten Nokken some years ago- and in the middle of the lush spring time, as you can tell. Why this picture? I will get back to that in a bit.

As many of you probably know by now, one of the wonders in my life is that I get to travel so much, and meet so many different wonderful people and also very importantly: see and experience such diversity in landscapes.



Slowing Down And Having Dinner

Greetings everyone! Helle speaking today. Do you love to travel? If you do, you’d probably agree that the world is still diverse and grand. As a Cultural Geographer (as well as a Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher) I have always been curious about the world. And I am so fortunate that I have traveled more than 50 […]



Being Present In A Fast Paced World

Greetings! Helle speaking this Tuesday. I’ve recently returned from my work trip to Great Britian. I did many workshops and lectures for parents and child care professionals, and I talked to numerous parents in between events. Some of you are probably here now on our list- and I welcome you with joy and gratitude! I always learn a lot myself when I […]



Nightsleep. Building Routines And Winding Down

  Greetings everyone, Did you have a quiet night last night with real “Adult Time” without disturbances? We hope that you did, for your sake and for your children. We all know how important sleep is. Most of us also know that our children really need to sleep enough to be able to make it […]



Slow Parenting Benefits You and Your Child

Greetings! Helle speaking from Down Under. After traveling Australia and New Zealand for 2 months I am finally heading home for at while before further traveling late autumn this year. It has been 2 wonderful and busy months. I have visited many Waldorff Kindergartens and Play Groups as a consultant, and I have seen the daily life and felt […]



Learning & Thriving While Cooking With You

  Greetings everyone! Do you enjoy your family meals? We hope that you do! But you are probably also familiar with this universal scenary: you hurry home, bags loaded with goods from the groceries. You have a tired child (or more) who craves your attention. They need you to be present; and in between of […]

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