Involving Children in Everyday Life.

 Hello  blog reader, We wish you all a year full of new possibilities and awareness of the little things that matters. This is just a short travel note to give you a notion of some of our activitites in Slow Parenting- as well as a little inspirational thought to you about involving children in everyday routines.  […]



Merry Christmas 2015

Hello blog-reader! This is just a short post from us, wishing you a Beautiful and Slow Christmas. We also have a free present for you- as we will reveal in a bit. As many of you already know, Helle recently returned from a month long travel in USA, where she taught and counseled numerous Child […]



Slow Christmas?

Hi there blog-reader, I just returned to Denmark from the United States, and now, have the pure pleasure of seeing my grandson again. It is December, and that means, the Christmas season has begun. It also means that I want to spend my time near family and friends. Christmas is big in Denmark, perhaps the […]



Creating Routines (and sticking with them)

Hello blog-reader! When an infant comes to the world, everything we do is centered around the infants’ sleep and around nursing or feeding the child; it is vital for its’ health and well being- as it is vital for its’ survival.  As a parent to a 6 months old child, you still have to plan everything according to this […]



On allowing your child to make its own mistakes

Hello blog reader, I just returned home after a wonderful journey to Mexico.  I was traveling, teaching and guiding caretakers and parents, and exchanging knowledge and experiences with so many dedicated people. The picture above is from one of the many small Kindergartens I visited. But now to today’s topic: how can we allow our children to […]


Slow Parenting is on Kickstarter.com!

Slow Parenting is on Kickstarter.com!

  Hello blog reader! We’re back after a long and great holiday, and we would like to share some exciting news with you today: we have been working on a project at kicstarter.com, and it has just been launched! Why did we start a funding project at Kickstarter? We did this, because we wish to […]



Summer Blog Post + Summer Offer

[dt_sc_full_width type=”None” first][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_full_width first] Greetings blog-reader, Summer has finally come to us here in Scandinavia with the intense heat of the sun and deep blue skies. It has been a cold spring in Denmark with wind, rain and late blossom. Each year is different; however, as adults, we can recognize the similarities in our lives, and […]

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