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Life with Little Children Feels so Much Better when You are Around to Enjoy it.

Slowing Down Can Make the Difference.



You know what family stress feels like.

And you want more out of life.

Imagine you are tucking your little child in at night, and all of a sudden it strikes you:

“- Where was I today- mentally and emotionally?”

You want to be able to catch your breath.

And to feel that you can steer your family life in a direction that gives you more fulfillment.

Maybe you feel that rethinking the structure, the tempo and the content of your daily life could make a huge difference.

You just don’t know exactly how. Or, you need a spark of inspiration towards more growth and fulfillment.


Pacing Your Child Towards Early Schooling?

– It Just Doesn’t Feel Right to You.

You are quite convinced that the natural world is the child’s “first curriculum”.

You feel that the groundwork for cognitive skills is laid through this direct interaction with the natural, physical world, using all senses.

You also feel, that this effortful learning process is vital and that it should not be hurried.

You want to honor this process, and allow your child to grow into life in its own, unique pace. 

Yet, maybe you feel unsure exactly how. Or, you would love some hands on inspiration for your own family life.


If You can Recognize Yourself in this – Then I am Pleased that You are Here.

∗ The Childhood is ever so short, and yet so precious. 

And how to protect and nurture the unique qualities in early childhood, is exactly what I offer support, inspiration & counseling on. 

My Purpose is to Inspire You to Lead a Rich and Fulfilled Life with the Children in Your Life. 

∗ Slow Parenting is all about creating childhoods on children’s own terms– and allowing them to live & learn in their own, unique pace.


hellegriner_snapligeI am Helle Heckmann. I have been dedicated to support & inspire families just like yours for 30+ years.

Everything I do, I do to protect and nurture Early Childhood.

My goal remains the same as 30 years ago: to continue to reach out to Parents and Child Care Professionals who wish to engage themselves in nurturing Early Childhood, and in truly allowing little children to blossom and thrive while they grow.

After 25 years of working as the head of the widely known Kindergarten Nokken in Denmark + some years of freelance counseling, I started this business and NGO in 2014 with my business partner who is in charge of Communication, Anna Fasting. You can read about her further Down.


“For so many years now Helle’s work with children and families has been an inspiration to me (…) I see her as a gardener sowing seeds of goodness, truth and beauty in the Garden of Childhood.  These seeds have come to fruition in so many, whose lives have been touched by Helle’s guidance all over the world. (…) May these seeds continue to flower in abundance as we strive to protect and to nurture these pivotal early years in the lives of our children.  Thank you!”

– Christine Culbert



I Have Worked as a Global Child Care Consultant in 50+ Countries 

collage_consultanthelle I have been so fortunate to travel more than 50 countries over the last 30 years, counseling Early Childhood Educators and Parents – and even advicing politicians on Government level in Chile. The wonderful thing is, that I have always been spoken for. I have done countless courses, workshops and talks on my travels in all 50+ countries, and I have had thousands of consultations with dedicated and engaged parents like you.  I  have spoken at large conferences about Early Childhood & Childhood Education in amongst other countries Chile, Brazil, Hungary, Belgium and South Korea.

I have also been a Key Note speaker at National Conferences in amongst other countries USA • United Kingdom •  Chile  • Brazil •  Peru • Equador  • Mexico  • Nicuaragua • Hungary  • Denmark  • Sweden • Norway  • Estland  • Lithuania  • Finland  •  Holland  • Thailand • Costa Rica


SLOWPARENTINGLOGO1Who is Slow Parenting For?

∗ Slow Parenting is for parents, who wish to prioritize Early Childhood as something Unique.

∗ Slow Parenting is for parents, who know and honor the fact that children need our time, leadership & presence to thrive and grow.  

I work with engaged and dedicated parents, who truly strive to allow little children to live & learn in their own, unique pace.



Slow Parenting is Dedicated to Inspire & Guide You Towards a Richer Life with Little Children.


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