Our Goals. Our Principles. Our Vision.



We are engaged in the nourishment of Early Childhood for all children, regardless of income. This is why Slow Parenting is an NGO.


In our case this means that our profit primarily goes to low income Child Care Institutions and their families around the globe.

Our income comes from selling e-books, live recorded lectures + eventually online courses to a paying audience.

This means that when you buy any of our products you are always supporting our social and educational activities in several financially challenged kindergartens and local societies.


In 2015 our profit is ear marked to the education of Early Childhood Caregivers world wide.


How does it work?

Helle Heckmann travels to all kinds of Kindergarten initiatives all over the world. Here, she visits the initiatives; and based on her experiences, she provides both free and dependent on the economy also low cost counseling and teachings about little children’s development, and how to meet and nourish their fundamental needs. Moreover, Helle Heckmann is involved in educational initiatives in several countries, all with the same goal to protect Early Childhood from being hurried and thus misunderstood in the fast paced world of today. In 2014-15 alone Helle Heckmann has traveled India, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Holland, Sweden, Mexico and Chile.




Our NGO Board Members





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Read About Our 5 Keys to Slow Parenting.

∗ Based on little children’s basic needs.



 Blissful Sleep

Sleep cannot be overestimated!

Your child will benefit deeply from building up simple & sound sleeping routines.

We can guide you in turning sleep into an anxiety free and revitalizing experience. This will bring more peace and energy to the family as a whole.



Physical Movement

Your child need to use its body – every day.

Your child strengthens its resilience through physical movement.

Let us inspire you how to let your child play unmonitored in safe frame works, and how you can let your child build up physical capabilites and cognitive skills through meaningful activities – prior to academic training.



Rhythms & Routines

Your child loves repetitions for a reason.

Building up simple, daily routines means living a safe and recognizable life for your little child. Your children will thrive in recognizing the daily rituals as something that binds life together. We can inspire and help you to establish loving rhythms in your family.


Enjoyable Meals

The family meal still matters!

Involvement and simple, everyday rituals at the dinner table bring your family together. Involvement can turn your child into a little helper + it teaches your child necessary physical and social skills. Let us inspire you towards enjoyable family meals.


Conscious Child Care

Taking a loving leadership.

Conscious Child Care is about discovering the power of rolemodeling, as well as being willing to learn and grow as a parent. Ultimately your unique love and nurture is what brings physical, social and psychological health to your child.



Goals & Visons for our NGO


To achieve an understanding among parents, professionals and others who influence the lives of children, that early childhood lays the very foundation for the social, physical and psychological development of individuals, and hence, that healthy, well thought through conditions for childhood as a whole should be highly priorotized by society as well as individuals.

To contribute with experienced based knowledge about the fundamental and essential needs of pre-school children.

To strengthen the relationship between children and the adults surrounding them; both parents and professional caregivers.

To contribute to the debate and awareness in the society about child development and education seen from the child’s perspective.

to be accesible for all adults with a need or interest in Slow Parenting regardless of their economic opportunities.



The vision is based on a Life Long Experience


Today’s parents are challenged by lack of time and/or economy. Moreover, many parents world wide have limited access to professional assistance in their local environment and to knowledge about the basic needs of pre-school children. Experience from more than 30 years of educational and consulting work show that most modern societies are somehow losing track of the basic understanding of the physical, social and emotional  needs of pre-school children. Hence the environment surrounding our children is not to a full extent designed to encompass and address the need of little children.


It has become very clear through extensive journeys for more than 3 decades that the family situation of today to a greater extent than just 10 years ago, share many similar characteristics across country borders. In general the cultural differences have descended during the past 30 years.


Thus, families across borders face many similar difficulties and challenges. Moreover, we believe that the basic needs of children remain the same as 30 years ago. This ascertainment is the driving force behind this NGO, as it aims at assisting adults in implementing simple, proven principles that have been tested and proven to work in more than 50 countries throughout the years.


The core understanding is that childhood lays the foundation to humanity itself. The better childhood, we are able to provide for our children, the healthier society we can grow. The children are not small adults; they represent something strong and pure, but also very vulnerable, and the impact of their childhood reaches far into the future. The understanding of children’s nourishment speaks from the heart. Childhood should be viewed as a unique time with unique growth conditions.


Finally, we emphasize that parents and professionals will benefit from cooperating closely based on the same basic approach to the nourishment of little children. The parent’s love for a child can and should work in close collaboration with the professional empathy as well as the professional’s experience based knowledge about children’s optimal growth conditions and fundamental needs.