About Summer Time- And Rethinking Everyday Life

Greetings blog-reader!The summer holidays are over for most people in my home country, Denmark. If the same goes for you, then welcome home from your summer holiday! And for those on the other side of the Earth reading this: happy winter – and maybe you also had a winter break recently?To me, summer time is a time where we can really breathe out, and hopefully sink into just being and having all the time in the world for doing little things. I have spent 2 and a half weeks with my 21 months old grand child in the forest in Sweden, and gosh, he has kept us busy! He can easily have 3 or 4 people around him and somehow keep us all in action. How wonderful. I have been picking blueberries on our mornings walks, and funnily, they all ended up in my grand child’s mouth, asking for more all the time, with an anticipating and joyful smile that warmed my heart, and I just picked and picked those ripe and rich berries for him.
I also realized, how important the daily rhythm was for him; that we from day one more or less did the same things, in these new surroundings, and stuck with the same main rhythm as at home. Sure, he kept waking up at 5- 5.30 happy as ever, and so be it. He also slept between 7-8 pm after the evening walk. Being outside all day, using his body, and investigating his little world with such curiosity, improved his appetite for dinner and made him sleep very fast.
I am sure you all have your own personal experiences with summer holidays and children.
What I would like to pass on to you is this: that you now after the holidays are over, have a chance to reflect on your daily life, and perhaps change something that might need to be changed. Did you feel that something went better, when you had plenty of time together? Did you do something, which you can turn into a habit in your daily life? Maybe you realized, how easy it was to live without the mobile phone, or at least with less connection ( I sure did!).Maybe you can somehow bring this lovely feeling of having time with you into your daily life? Because sometimes having a good, long vacation brings forth the thought: why are we so busy anyway? Our children are small for such a short time.
So, a little summer challenge for you is this: Find inspiration in the time you spent during the holidays, and see if you can make a little change based on this – and bring it into your life. Perhaps it could even make you love your everyday life much more.Thank you for being here- you are much appreciated!

With love,

and Anna on the side 🙂

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