Slow Walking And Fully Living

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In the picture above, I’m doing the peaceful, everyday walk with children from the Kindergarten Nokken some years ago- and in the middle of the lush spring time, as you can tell. Why this picture? I will get back to that in a bit.

As many of you probably know by now, one of the wonders in my life is that I get to travel so much, and meet so many different wonderful people and also very importantly: see and experience such diversity in landscapes.

I just returned from a work trip to the beautiful, raw Iceland, with its hot springs, rocky landscapes, cold waters and seemingly endless heathlands.



I did workshops for parents and childcare professionals, and as always, I recommended very simple steps one can take in the every day life with little children. These steps or guidelines have been evolved and defined over the last 30 years of working with little children. They are all a part of my profession, but also of my DNA; I have lived by the principles of what we now call Slow Parenting when my own 3 children were young – but without ever having a name for it!



Read more about our 5 Keys to Slow Parenting right here

Walking the talk in Iceland (and elsewhere)

Kerstin, one of the attendees at a workshop in Iceland recently wrote these uplifting words on our blog:

Thank you for this great workshop you did in Iceland, Helle. You inspired us all a lot. I started to live by these 5 keys to slow parenting since some days, and I can already see many positive changes – and I am sure there are more to come…

This made me feel happy and grateful. But what really brought out my smile was that she already harvests some unexpected benefits for herself as well as her little daughter:

Starting to go on walks every day shows as well a big impact. It’s a lot of fun, and in the end of the day, she falls relaxed asleep at 7 pm (before around 8/8.30)and gets her 12 hours rest. And I can enjoy some hours just for myself! 😉

Kerstin is referring to one of the very basic and simple things I always advice people to do:

Going for a Peaceful Walk with Your Child. Every Day!

If I lived in Iceland, I wouldn’t hesitate to take walks in its rough and almost mythical landscapes every single day of the year!

But regardless where you live in the world, I feel confident that going for local nature or park walks, and incorporating this in the daily routine, will give you the opportunity to connect with your child in a very heatlhy and reinforcing way- and maybe it will even help your little child fall asleep more effortlessly as well!

Walking And Living Life Together

We get to share sights and experiences when walking with our children. Often we can feel a very non verbal and gentle connection when we just walk together.

Besides this, all of your senses open up, we take deeper breaths in the fresh air when moving our bodies, and often, we can feel the stress being released from both body and mind.

Walking is also a very good practice for your child, as its muscles get worked in a natural way, and it practices very important physical coordinating skills when walking; especially in hills, or even better: if the child gets to climb trees on your walks!

– I’m sure that everybody can agree on the assets of an active outdoor life, right? So the question is…do you feel like Walking The Talk too, and see if you can create time and space to take a little walk with your child on a daily basis? 🙂


Please share all comments, inspirations, questions or insights below in the comment area. We are always pleased to hear from you!

With love,

Helle and Anna



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